Articles: Seeing into the Heart of the Matter

wire geckoEvery new article assignment is an opportunity to tell a story that matters. Here are descriptions of a couple I’ve had the pleasure to write:

The Ocularist

The head of the Department of Ophthalmology engaged me to work with several scholars in his department, and also introduced me to the local ocularist — a maker of prosthetic eyes. The job of an ocularist entails both science and art, to craft a prosthetic that will fit, and paint it to match the intact eye. I edited one of the ocularist’s academic journal articles and subsequently wrote a feature article about his work for The Link, a publication of the UVa Health Sciences Center.


Green Vesak

Vesak is one of the most important holidays in the Buddhist world. In May 2017 the event provided an opportunity to contemplate the new normal of an administration bent on undoing US climate initiatives, and a chance to find the footing from which to continue engagement on behalf of the planet, our common home. Read the article.


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